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I'm glad you dropped in to visit the songman's thoughts.  I'll use this venue as a place to reflect, ponder, inquire about and answer to the many questions that assail the songman's mind from time to time.  Most of all, I hope you find some pleasure here, in whatever form.  And I hope that if you do, you'll pass it along to your friends.  Your comments and suggestions and any questions  you have will be deeply and sincerely welcomed, and I assure you I will do my best to answer them promptly.
Thank You,
Ed Lane/songman52 

Midnight Skies
Lightning flashes across a midnight sky
Thunder crashing, throat parched and dry
Nursing a headache and a bourbon, neat
Mind and heart frozen, I'm glued to my seat
High voltage charges thru the air all around me
I try hard to focus, thunder crashes profoundly
One has exactly, everything my life needs...
It's so clear in my head...but still my heart bleeds
Make the wrong choice, and my dreams could die here
But, you make  bad decisions when living in fear
Love and good sense, often walk different paths
And struggling for clarity, more often distracts
I just want to be happy, and, make her happy too
Oh, Lord help this poor fool see what he should do
            Ed Lane/songman52  May 2005

New and Coming Soon:

Well, I'm nearly finished...One more page of mixed pix and poetry, perhaps a bit of prose, and likely a chuckle or two, and it'll good-to-go...

So stand by, it's coming right up!

songman52/Ed Lane   Sept. 18th, 2005

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Bad Bob Chesney, 1991